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Sod Care

Your sod lawn will die if it is not cared for properly, so it is very important to follow the below care. For your convenience, you may also download our sod care guide as a printable PDF.


  • Sod must be watered twice a day for at least the first month (40 minutes both in the morning and evening). After the first month, water once a day (40 minutes). Water for longer periods of time when we have extreme heat. Whether hand watering, using a sprinkler system or hose, we strongly advise that you perform a visual inspection after watering to ensure that all areas of your lawn are receiving an adequate amount of water.
  • Sod should be cut no sooner than 2 ½ -3 weeks after installation. Make sure your lawn is dry and raise the blades on the lawn mower to create less stress on the sod.
  • You WILL get weeds. No matter how healthy the sod is, weed seed will blow in the wind and may germinate on your lawn. The summer months tend to produce the most weeds. Wait at least 6 months after the sod has been installed to apply a weed application. Please consult with a licensed chemical company for chemical treatments.
  • The percentage of sod that usually dies is 7% after installation. This is usually more prevalent when it is an edge of the sod or when the sod is against a hot surface such as a walk, patio or driveway.
  • Because sod is a transplant, there is NO WARRANTY.

*It is very important to contact your lawn maintenance company and chemical company and provide them with these crucial instructions highlighted above in bold.

At Parker Homescape, we pride ourselves in having happy customers. It is however, important to realize that there are many factors that are out of our control. Weather conditions, drought, animals, lack of moisture, too much moisture, and many other factors influence the health of your sod. Please realize that it is imperative to follow the above care to ensure the success of your lawn.