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Pond Care

Your pond will not flourish if it is not cared for properly, so it is very important to follow the below care. For your convenience, you may also download our pond care guide as a printable PDF.

Spring Pond Care:

  • Un-winterize your pond by turning your pump back on.
  • Start feeding your fish again when the water temperatures reach a constant 50 degrees. Feed a cold-weather food until the water temperature reaches 60 degrees at which point you can switch to a full-season feeding program.
  • If leaves and debris have accumulated from over the winter you should remove them now. Leaves can be removed using a skimmer type net that has a square end that allows you to capture the leaves at the bottom of the pond.
  • Add new plants as needed. Be careful to read the care tags.
  • Begin cleaning your filter as needed. Your filter only needs to be cleaned when the flow of water is being restricted due to accumulation of debris. DO NOT OVER-CLEAN. It is only necessary to remove the debris that is restricting flow. Over-cleaning the filter can destroy good bacteria that help to balance the ecosystem of the pond.

Summer Pond Care:

  • Remove dead foliage from the pond. The leaves of your plants will turn yellow and brown as they age. When this happens, it is advisable to cut them off. This reduces debris buildup in the pond, provides more room for new growth, and improves the appearance of the pond.
  • Feed your fish, but be careful not to over-feed. Feed no more than the fish will eat in 5 minutes.
  • Continue cleaning the filter as needed, making sure not to over-clean.

Fall/Winter Pond Care:

  • Install leaf – netting over your pond to prevent the daily falling of leaves.
  • Remove any accumulated sludge and decaying plant debris from the water.
  • After the water temperatures drop to the 60s, you should decrease your feeding. Below 60 degrees, feed only 2-3 times a week. Below 50 degrees, you should stop feeding until the spring when the water temperatures climb above 50 degrees.
  • You can turn off the pumps and filters for the winter. Drain all plumbing.

At Parker Homescape, we pride ourselves in having happy customers. It is however, important to realize that there are many factors that are out of our control. Please realize that it is imperative to follow the above care to ensure the success of your pond. Please let us know if you wish to have a maintenance program for your pond.