Though many people focus first on the interior of their homes, great landscape design is an integral part of your overall property plan and will significantly boost your home’s resale value. Though results will vary depending on what you choose to invest in, real estate agents estimate that investments in professional landscaping can bring about at least a 150 percent return on the dollars you spend. Much of this comes in basic curb appeal, of course, as buyers are more attracted to a good-looking house, but landscaped additions like patios, paths and walls can also boost the official assessed value of your house as well.

An excellent landscape design will also significantly improve your quality of life, as it will encourage your family to spend more time outdoors in nature — something researchers have proven is great for both physical and mental health. When you add a functional outdoor “room” to your home, you reap the benefits of additional space for entertaining and relaxing, whether you’re looking for a place to play or to escape to as a retreat from the noise of the day.

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Getting Started on Landscape Design in Morris County NJ

Getting the right landscaping for your New Jersey home requires working with a professional. A highly qualified landscape designer has the expertise you need to ensure that your project is built well and stands the test of time. They also have knowledge of the local landscape and growing conditions so that every choice you make will blend seamlessly with your home and neighborhood, and every plant you select will have the best chance to thrive in Morris County’s unique growing conditions.

Here’s what you should know before you begin your new landscape design in Morris County NJ.

New Jersey’s Permitting Process

New Jersey is not the Wild West, and every township and locality has its own unique permitting laws and processes. Depending on the type of work you are looking to do, your landscape design may need to be submitted and approved before work can begin, but this is all much easier when you work with a designer who knows the ins and outs of the system in Morris County. If you need to pull a permit — and you nearly always will if you plan to build anything permanent — you’ll want a pro on your side to navigate the paperwork.

What Lies Beneath the Surface

The farther north you travel in New Jersey, the more rocky outcroppings and hills you’ll find. Unlike the sandy, silty soils near the coast, your Morris County home could be sitting on a daily rocky spot. A professional landscape designer understands local conditions and will know what to expect before any earth moving occurs — and they can help you plan your design around your own property’s unique composition instead of trying to fight it.

landscape design morris county nj

Your Climate and Growing Zone

In general, Morris County is in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 6a and 6b, depending on the elevation. This means that you can safely plant perennials, shrubs and trees that are rated as hardy through Zone 6 and expect it to survive the winter. A professional landscape designer is also fully aware of which plants will thrive in your neighborhood, and they’ll take into account everything from the amount of shade that falls behind your house to the traditional frost dates in your area to make sure you get just the right plants for your home. Choosing plants that will succeed without too much intervention is a sure-fire recipe for long-term enjoyment of your property.

Local Architectural Tastes and Trends

One of the great things about embarking on a landscape design project is that you have the chance to personalize your property to suit your tastes. While you can choose any look you like, most homeowners find it helpful to work with a pro to narrow down the material selection so that your project blends well with the overall style of your neighborhood. Because a local landscape designer has experience working in Morris County, they know what trends work best and which materials will stand up against the weather through all four seasons. Creating a design that complements your home and looks like it’s always been a part of the property is the best way to ensure that your home value gets a big boost from your landscaping project.

When you’re ready to begin your landscaping project, it’s best to choose a designer who knows and loves New Jersey. You’ll get great advice about everything from plants and materials to what other New Jersey home buyers love most in an outdoor room. You’ll also rest easy knowing you can count on their expertise in working with local conditions, whether that means handling things down at City Hall or down in the dirt just outside your kitchen window. With all the details that go into crafting the perfect, cohesive landscape for your property, choosing a local expert is simply the best way to make sure you get the results you want — and the peace of mind you need to know that your project will stand the test of time.

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