Full Property Transformation

Scotch Plains, NJ

A unique driveway was designed and installed using both asphalt and paver stone. The reconstruction of the front steps and walkway are tempered by a colorful landscape and newly sodded lawn. Soft mood lighting provided the finishing touch to transform the property.

While I am confident that there will be a number of your customers who will report how satisfied they (we) are with your professionalism, creativity and the quality of your work, I think it is important that they appreciate the integrity you possess, as demonstrated when things don’t go well. Two years ago, acts of nature conspired to completely ruin our lawn. Scott stated that he would remedy the situation—and he did. He addressed our particular type of problem and had it corrected, without our incurring any additional costs. Needless to say, not everyone would have been as forthright in taking the responsibility for an unforeseen circumstance, but Scott did without a moment of hesitation. Acts, such as these, inspire trust, confidence, and loyalty.

– Stephen and Janice Lawrence