Light Up Your Landscape

Professional landscape lighting is a perfect way to highlight your architectural features, enrich your garden beds, and provide a safe passage across walkways, patios and driveways. Parker Homescape’s professional outdoor lighting design and installation is sure to add a new dimension to your home that not only offers a warm and elegant ambiance, but also ensures a safer, well-lit environment.

We utilize the highest quality lighting fixtures and materials, which are backed with the region’s best warranty.

The outdoor lighting contractors at Parker Homescape will work closely with you to achieve your desired lighting effects. We utilize the highest quality lighting fixtures and materials, which are backed with the region’s best warranty, to ensure a long-lasting and trouble-free outdoor lighting experience.

Benefits of Professional Outdoor Lighting

  • Security: Outdoor lighting allows for better visibility and deters potential intruders.
  • Safety: Properly lit walkways and stairs help to limit liability, while ensuring safe passage.
  • Usability: Prolong your outdoor entertaining by illuminating specified areas.
  • Aesthetics: Landscape lighting complements a home’s best features and is proven to increase resale value.

Northern & Central New Jersey Outdoor Lighting Services

Our skilled landscape lighting designers will work closely with you to choose from and install a variety of low-voltage, sustainable options, including but not limited to:

Professional Landscape Lighting | Parker Homescape

Area Lighting

Using indirect lighting sources, area lighting illuminates wide expanses and large, interesting features such as patios, pools and outdoor kitchens.

outdoor lighting


Uplighting refers to shining light in an upward direction. This technique is used to softly highlight garden features, to add depth to outdoor walls or fences, or to contribute ambient lighting for safety.

landscape outdoor lighting


This technique involves placing a light fixture directly behind the subject and pointing the light at a vertical surface to display a dark outline of the subject to an observer. This dramatic silhouette effect is particularly great for highlighting trees and plants with an interesting branch structure.

landscape outdoor lighting


This technique uses a narrow, controlled beam to highlight focal points, such as sculptures, statues and shrubs.


In contrast to silhouetting, the shadowing effect lights an object from the front and below in order to project intriguing shadows on a wall or other vertical surface. This is another way to highlight features with interesting shapes.

outdoor lighting, path lighting

Path Lighting

Providing low-level lighting for beauty, safety and security, this technique involves placing unique light fixtures alongside driveways, walkways, garden paths or patios.