Protect Your Home And Your Landscape

Proper drainage and erosion solutions are vital to protecting your home, as well as the health and vitality of your landscape. Without these, many neglected homes require costly repairs as a result of flooding, basement leaks, damage to foundation walls, and other expensive headaches. From the development of mold in your home, to plant root rot, to lawn fungus and disease, poor drainage elevates your property’s risks for a variety of extensive, sometimes hazardous issues.

Dry wells

A dry well is a hole that is constructed to allow water to collect and permeate under the earth or rise up into an outflow pipe that redirects the water to and exit strategy. Dry wells are advantageous for a landscape where there is nowhere to drain water on or off the property, or where it is necessary to retain water.

French drains

If you have a soggy yard or are concerned about water approaching your house or landscape, then a French drain might be the answer. A French drain is an underground, slightly sloped trench that is filled with round gravel and a perforated pipe that diverts water away from your troublesome areas. Depending on your unique situation, the water can be diverted to a low-lying area of your property, a drainage ditch, a dry well, a wood line or the street.

Trench drains

While French drains mitigate water that’s underground, trench drains divert excess water away from the surface. Trench drains are typically lined with concrete and are sloped appropriately. These drains are useful for managing excess rainwater and storm water in areas like sidewalks and driveways.

Dry creek beds

Doubling as an attractive garden feature and a drainage solution, dry creek beds have water running in them only in wet weather – securing the soil and controlling the flow of rainwater across your yard.


One of the simplest ways to redirect water is by re-grading the topography of your existing land. Using heavy construction equipment, we are able to transform the existing direction of water flow.

Gutter and leader drain evaluation

A leader drain is the pipe that is connected at the end of a downspout that carries water from the gutters into an underground storm water retention system. Leader drains can become clogged with a buildup of roots, leaves, dirt and silt, which can cause problems around your home’s foundation. We’ll evaluate your gutters and your drains to ensure that they are kept clean.

Catch basins

Placed at a low spot on the property, a catch basin is a collection box with a slotted drain at the top and a drainage outlet at the bottom. This allows surface runoff to enter the inlet, pass through the collection box, and exit through the outlet into a buried drainpipe.

Plantings to help with erosion and wet areas

Plants are nature’s way of stabilizing soil. Because erosion-prone terrain is often harsh, we carefully select plants to ensure that they are tolerant of extreme conditions, like flooding and drought. Further, they must persist year-round to catch and hold eroding soil. And lastly, they must not be invasive.

Tar, patching, and protective coating over fountain walls

A foundation problem is one of the worst things that can happen to a residential structure. After all, the foundation is literally what your home is built on. Since the source of most foundation problems is water, choosing the right waterproofing system will stop water from infiltrating your walls. We’ll work with you to determine the solution that’s best for you.

Fortunately, the landscaping drainage experts at Parker Homescape can help. With many different types of solutions to choose from, our team will work with you to determine the best application for your property. Our design team will visit you at your property to gather detailed information, such as the elevation of your property and adjacent properties, and investigate the reasons for your current drainage or erosion problems. From there, we will develop a cost-effective solution to remediate any problem, and ensure that your landscape is safeguarded and your home is fully protected.