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The Best Ways to Use Pavers for Landscaping

Using pavers for landscaping gives your property that touch of elegance and beauty your outdoor environment may be missing.  Paver stone designs come in many sizes, shapes, colors and materials giving you endless options from which to choose. But before you select the paver stones you like best, you’ll have to plan how to use them. So, where do you start?  If you’re considering paving stones installation, you need some good ideas.  Your local landscaper can help!

Top 5 Ways to Use Pavers for Landscaping

  1. Defining specific areas
    1. Do you have a small pond, fountain or statue that seems to be getting lost in your yard? If a feature on your property could use some life, make it stand out with paver stone installation around the base of it. Available in a variety of colors and textures, pavers can help you can turn your focal points from drab to fab. You’ll probably need more than one row of paver stones, depending on the size of the stones.
  2. Patios
    1. Looking to add more character or ambiance to your yard? Custom paver stone installation of a new patio does just that, and extends your outdoor living space.  Do you have a tired old concrete patio?  A custom paver stone design to replace your existing patio can do wonders for your outdoor environment and gives you the chance to incorporate interesting designs.
  3. Walkways
    1. These pathways can lead anywhere on your property – around the sides of your house; from doorways to patios, to the driveway, to the pool or to another structure like a gazebo or detached garage; through a wooded area; or to cover up and hide an area where grass won’t grow or remains wet. They can also draw your eye to specific areas. Built dry-laid or wet-laid, these custom walkways can be constructed with natural stone or pavers.   Steps can be incorporated during walkway installation to offer a safer walking path if there is a severe grade change.
  4. Stepping Stones
    1. Whether it’s a paver stone walkway or natural stone, these charming paths can be set in grass, into gravel or in mulch. Stepping stones require larger pavers, but are often less expensive than a wide walkway paver stone design. However, stepping stones serve basically the same function as walkways, getting you where you’re going and guiding your eye to focal points.
  5. Driveways
    1. Your driveway is a big focal point of your landscape. A paver stone design will add not only functionality, but also elegance to this ever-important area. Whether your style is Colonial, Modern, Ranch, Split Level, or Cottage, a custom paver stone design can match the décor of the home perfectly, utilizing different paver stone colors and styles.  You can choose from antiquated paver stone, tumbled paver stone, non-tumbled paver stone, or paver stone that looks just like natural stone.

If you’re interested in pavers for landscaping, contact your local landscaping company.  Not only will they have the knowledge about this hardscape option, they’ll have the eye to incorporate it seamlessly into your existing landscape design.