Retaining walls might not be the most glamorous part of your landscaping plan, but they are a critical piece of infrastructure that allows you to get the most out of your property. Built properly, retaining walls can transform a useless slope into a more level bit of land on which you can build a lawn, patio or garden beds. They are also common around driveways that cut down to a basement garage or parking spots designed with a flat grade to make snow removal easier. Retaining walls prevent erosion and can add beauty to your overall landscape design when you choose materials that blend in with the overall look of your home.

What to Expect From Retaining Wall Contractors in Hunterdon County NJ

If you suspect you need a retaining wall on your property — either to replace a wall that is failing or to improve a place where you’re experiencing erosion or an unusable bit of land — your first step should be to call a professional. Building a retaining wall requires serious earth moving capabilities, as a contractor must dig deep into the earth to stabilize the wall against the pressure of the soil around it. This is an engineering job as much as it is a landscaping one, so you should never try to do this project on your own.

When you call a landscape design company in Hunterdon County for an estimate, he or she will come to your property to survey the land and assess your needs in person. This process will include taking careful measurements on the site and assessing the soil where you want your wall to be to understand how much weight your wall must bear. Your contractor will also assess your drainage needs to design a wall that will allow water to run off appropriately.

In addition to the technical aspects of building the retaining wall, a great contractor will also sit down to discuss your vision for the new wall. This design conference will include a review of the best materials for your wall based on strength and appearance. When your retaining wall contractor is also a landscape designer, you can expect great advice about how to make your retaining wall add extra value to your property by adding useful features like seating, storage, lighting and more.

How to Find the Right Hunterdon County Retaining Wall Contractor

Because building a retaining wall is a project that requires a seasoned veteran, it’s appropriate to interview several contractors before choosing who you want to work with. To help you narrow your search, try these tips for finding excellent retaining wall contractors in Hunterdon County NJ:

  • Online Searches: This is a good way to cast a wide net, but you should always dig deeper than a company’s website when searching for a contractor. Consider beginning your search for contractors in your county in NJ to get specific results.
  • Testimonials and Portfolios: Many landscapers and contractors include testimonials from satisfied customers on their websites. These are always positive, but they can be useful to you if the happy customer has a project similar to yours. Likewise, look for photos of projects to see if the contractor’s past work fits your style.
  • Online Reviews: Check sites like com and also Google Reviews of any contractor you’re considering. No contractor is immune from a bad review, but on balance you should see that people are satisfied with the work. Pay extra attention to mentions of cost and schedule overruns, as these can be red flags.
  • Referrals: One of the best ways to locate a talented landscape contractor is by word of mouth referrals from your friends and family. When someone has a good experience and feels strongly enough to share it, it’s a sign that the contractor has earned trust. You should also ask any retaining wall contractor you speak to for referrals and contact information for past clients so you can check in with them about their experiences.

Answers to Common Questions About Retaining Wall Projects in Hunterdon County

What’s the most important thing to look for in a NJ retaining wall contractor?

There are a few things that you simply must have in any contractor you hire to build a retaining wall. First, check to see that they are fully licensed in New Jersey and insured to cover any unforeseen accidents while working on your property. After that, ask how they handle the permitting process and what to expect. If they can’t give a good answer about this crucial process, it’s a sign of inexperience.

How do I know I’m getting a good price from my landscape designer?

Always look for a detailed estimate from your landscape designer. They should be honest and upfront from the beginning about the cost of labor and materials. If it’s not already clear in the estimate, ask directly how they plan to limit expensive surprises and delays once you sign on to the project.

Should I choose a contractor based solely on price?

No! This is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make. When it comes to an upscale project like building a retaining wall or overhauling your landscape, cutting corners to save a few dollars will nearly always result in heartache. It’s often beneficial to pay a premium price for outstanding service, high-end materials and years of experience. This will often insulate you from cost overruns and the nickel-and-diming that can come with less scrupulous contractors.

No matter how big or small your project, choosing the right retaining wall company in Hunterdon County is essential to add value to your home and to ensure that you love your new retaining wall. Taking the time to hire the right professional will pave the way to success.

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