New Jersey Landscape Design Consulting Services

At Parker Homescape, we also offer full-service landscape design consultation for any project size, and our highly skilled team is dedicated to creating the environment of your dreams, down to the smallest detail. We will design a complete landscape solution that transforms your outdoor living space into a functional, beautiful and inviting oasis. We will present a detailed plan, suggest specific elements based on your property and your vision, and work alongside you from conception to completion.

“Beautiful landscapes don’t just happen. They are created, by design.”

Parker Homescape’s Landscape Design Process


Initial Consultation

A member of our staff will schedule an initial consultation at your property, and answer any questions you may have. A dialogue between yourself and our landscape design experts during this initial consultation will establish your wishes, as well as your color, style and material preferences.


Concept Landscape Design

During the initial consultation, we will offer our advice as to whether or not we recommend a concept landscape design for your project. Should you choose to have a design, we will make a second visit to conduct a site analysis. During a site analysis, our landscape designers will take field measurements and photographs, and analyze your sun or shade exposure, topography, soil conditions and the prevalence of nuisance animals on your property.


Landscape Design Proposal

A proposal and/or design will be developed and presented with the following in mind: Coordination of color and material choices, determination of 5-10 year growth habits of plant material for lasting beauty, use of plant material that blooms at varying times of the year for seasonal interest and careful attention to environmental conditions that may adversely affect plant or hardscape materials.


Establish Project Timelines

Upon your acceptance of the project, we will then provide you with a written start and completion date, along with a certificate of our general liability insurance.


Installation & After Care

After the completion of work, we will walk you through your yard and help you to understand the proper care needed to keep your plants and/or hardscape happy and flourishing. We will provide you with care information and are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal And Your Lifestyle

The award-winning landscape design architects and designers at Parker Homescape will work with you to develop a customized design plan that will make your goals and dreams a reality.

With the understanding that curb appeal and your outdoor living space can add up to 25-30% to the value of your home, it is just another reason why a properly prepared plan is crucial to the successful execution of a construction project.


We use the industry’s most advanced design software, utilizing both 2D & 3D modeling, to make it easy to envision the proposed work and make any changes to the design.

Make planning and budgeting easier by visualizing the space and understanding the logistics of how to either complete your projects in phases or all at the same time.

Our CAD landscape plans allow Parker Homescape to accurately estimate your project to ensure the best price.

Limit construction errors and oversights by using the same company to design and construct your project.

Our landscape plans provide specific construction details that are required for permit submissions and inspections. These details often speed up the process of permit approvals, which facilitates job completion in a timely manner.

We handle the time-consuming process of analyzing and calculating your lot coverage/impervious coverage, property setbacks and any other zoning/building codes to ensure compliance with town ordinances.

We offer eligibility to receive 25% of the design fee refunded back to you and you will own the design plans.

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Design Rendering | Post-Construction

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