Making Your Landscaping Project Our Top Priority

There are certain things in life that you learn at a young age. Keeping your room tidy, paying your rent and being able to provide for yourself are all things that you are taught, with the hope that you’ll grow up to become a responsible adult.

But when it comes to taking care of your landscape, this is something that most people were never taught. And while you know that there are many landscaping firms to choose from, you feel lost when it comes to selecting the right one.

That’s why Parker Homescape has worked endlessly to emerge as the easy choice—providing the landscaping value and knowledge that you were never taught.


Part of being a responsible and valued landscaping provider means covering all of the bases before beginning work. For example, many Westfield landscapes consist of what’s known as clay soil.

When this soil exists in your yard, it creates wet spots throughout your landscape beds and lawn. Because your plant’s roots cannot receive adequate oxygen, they will die before your landscape ever has the chance to thrive. In addition, the water that pools from clay soil can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects throughout your yard.

Unfortunately, many other landscaping firms do not take the time to correct clay soil— but at Parker, our thorough consultation determines whether clay soil will present problems for your landscaping plans. If your soil type will stand in the way of landscaping success, Parker professionals will remedy the soil before beginning any landscape enhancements. This way, your beautiful landscape will prosper and you will never have to fret over a wasted investment.


Through our many years of service, we’ve come to learn that landscaping is an art that’s completely foreign to many homeowners. That being said, many Westfield homeowners want to learn how they can maintain their outdoor spaces once our work is complete.

When you call Parker Homescape for service, we do more than transform your yard. Partnering with you through the entire process, our team is more than happy to provide insight on how you can keep your new landscape in pristine condition. For every landscaping service, we take the time to fully explain our process so that you are completely informed.

Our vast selection of award-winning services include:

  • Consultation & Design
  • Landscape Installation
  • Landscape Lighting Design
  • Patio Landscape Design
  • Custom Walkways
  • Residential Driveway Design
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Custom Water Features
  • Outdoor Fireplace Design
  • Custom Fire Pit Design
  • Hardscape Design & Installation
  • Retaining Wall Systems
  • Seating Walls

At Parker Homescape, we’re here to make the entire process easier for you. Through one of our services, we can also composite the necessary drawings and gather all mandated permits before beginning your project. Willing to make every necessary trip to and from the township, our professionals can effectively communicate with each township official to quickly get your project underway.

Turn To the Experts at Parker Homescape

In the landscaping business since 1948, the Parker family has a longstanding history of navigating the landscaping industry. With our extensive experience, transforming outdoor spaces has become natural instinct.