Create A Wonder Through Your Own Landscape

Back in elementary school, you learned about the Seven Wonders of the World. Many people seek to visit all Seven Wonders in their lifetime as part of their bucket list.

While this is a worthwhile ambition, we at Parker Homescape believe that visiting Wonders shouldn’t be a rare occurrence. Through our landscaping services, we seek to turn your Watchung landscape into your very own Wonder.


Before your masterpiece can be created, we first need to tackle the challenges that are standing in the way. Take, for example, the rocky terrain that’s prevalent throughout Watchung.

We’ve heard too many stories about landscapers skyrocketing their project quotes because they did not properly anticipate rocky terrain. Others have even walked off the job entirely because they were not prepared to confront the challenge.

At Parker, our expertise regarding rocky terrain has been valued throughout New Jersey. Oftentimes, our team is even paid to consult realtors and potential homeowners of what they can expect to find below ground.

Fully evaluating your landscape, we take the time to determine if large rocks or boulders might become a roadblock for your outdoor project. When you receive a project quote from our team, you can rest assured that your estimate is as accurate as possible (without actually digging into your ground). We know the signs to look for and with our trained eyes, the Parker team is proud to serve as the landscaping advisors that Watchung homeowners can trust.


Building your special Wonder means that it can look like no other. With our vast selection of services, we give Watchung homeowners the chance to have their landscape stand out in the best way possible.

Would you like to build a breathtaking natural and perennial garden that’s adorned with vibrant and exquisite flowers? Or, how about take your curb appeal to new heights with a customized water feature? From driveways and pathways, to patios and retaining walls, our services enhance your landscape with added dimension, beauty and elegance. Working hand in hand with your personal taste and budget, we partner with you to understand your preferences and uphold your vision.

Design Your Landscape Wonder with Parker Homescape

We consider our work fulfilled when homeowners do not want to venture further than their landscapes for relaxation and enjoyment.