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Oftentimes, it’s easy to see right through deception. And when money is involved, people naturally become more skeptical.

But unfortunately, there are many landscaping firms that still try to take advantage. Sometimes, homeowners can recognize the insincerity and take their project elsewhere. However, there are many homeowners that are mislead with their landscapes and are either left feeling unsatisfied with the end results or completely cheated.

As a family that’s been designing and installing residential landscape and hardscape elements since 1948, the Parker name has proven itself as a team that never incorporates deception into its operations. After transforming thousands of landscapes across New Jersey, our service speaks for itself. From the first consultation to the final touch, we operate in a completely transparent manner that Summit homeowners can feel comfortable about.


We never want your project to be held back by opposing forces. But in reality, many homeowners become less excited about their projects when they have to gather all of the mandated permits and paperwork. This process can cause delay, frustration, and even tension between yourself and township officials.

That’s why, through our services, Parker professionals can composite the necessary drawings, gather all of the required checks, and handle all other township compliances on your behalf. Over the years, Parker Homescape has worked with officials across the state of New Jersey. That being said, we know how to best work with the system so that your project will begin in a timely manner. Stepping in as your project advocates, you can rest assured that Parker’s honest professionals will help set your landscape transformation in motion.


We’re not a landscaping firm that does the job, and then disappears—never to be heard from again. Honored to be valued throughout New Jersey, our team invests themselves into your outdoor project, and always remains nearby to return as needed.

Less ethical landscaping firms often vanish into the shadows, because they never cared about your project’s end results. But at Parker Homescape, we stand behind our work completely and do not step away until you are thrilled with your new landscape.

When you call our team to design your customized garden, you can feel confident knowing that we will help you pick luscious, robust plantings that will leave you with a beautiful and enduring enhancement. And when we design your customized driveway, we remain on scene to ensure that our preferred asphalt company installs the asphalt flawlessly. No matter which of our award-winning services you choose, Parker Homescape is always there to bring your yard to its fullest potential.

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When Summit homeowners call on Parker for help, we never want them to feel like they are taking a chance with our services. That’s why, for every project that we take on, we provide the kind of commitment and integrity that has homeowners spreading the word about which team they can trust.