Boost Property Value With A Landscape Enhancement

Having work done on your yard is about more than looking good in the neighborhood. The truth is, with an attractive landscape design, your property value can increase by as much as 20 percent. If you are looking to place your home higher on the market, an elegant yard can significantly boost your earnings.

In addition to raised property value, a charming landscape can make all the difference for your curb appeal. Even if you are not looking to sell your home, you still want to communicate a positive impression to family, friends and passersby.

But before taking a nosedive into landscaping work, it’s important to carefully consider which team you want to perform the work. After all, improving your landscape can become a significant investment.

At Parker Homescape, we know that you are placing a lot of faith into your landscape contractor. As a family that’s been in the landscaping business since 1948, we have proven, time and time again, that we are the team Short Hills homeowners can trust for maximal return with their landscape projects.


When you seek to increase your home’s value, it’s essential to address the factors that might inhibit your return. For example, clay soil can be detrimental to a landscape. With clay soil’s poor water absorption capabilities, the water will pool around your landscape and ultimately, kill your plants and flowers.

When realtors or potential buyers evaluate your property, they examine every factor. To remove the flaws that others may point out with your landscape, you need to call the team that remedies these factors before beginning your project.

At Parker Homescape, we’ve spent years reversing the damage of clay soil. During your consultation, our professionals evaluate your outdoor space to determine if clay soil will be an issue. From there, we correct the situation so that your plants, trees and flowers will thrive. Even if you are not looking to sell your home, addressing clay soil is essential for any Short Hills homeowner that wants to install a luscious, healthy garden.


If the results for every landscape project looked the same, there would be nothing valuable about them. In order to significantly boost property value and curb appeal, your landscape needs to stand out from the rest.
With our wide selection of award-winning services, we give Short Hills homeowners every opportunity imaginable to make their landscapes one of a kind. From customized water features, to personalized paver stone driveways, Parker Homescape elevates outdoor spaces to maximize beauty, functionality and return on investment.

Fully Invested in Your Outdoor Victory

Along with our full-circle service approach, we also provide unmatched customer service. We want your landscape transformation to be a pleasant experience—from beginning to end. That’s why, through our services, our team can even gather the necessary paperwork and permits to get your project started as quickly as possible.