Build The Right Image for Your New Jersey Landscape

You get out of the car and head toward the front door. Losing your balance on the cracked driveway, you look to your left and see a garden that looks like it hasn’t been touched in years. Climbing up the rickety steps, you take a moment to reconsider if you even want to knock on the door.

Now, imagine that you step out of your car onto a flawless paver stone driveway. Enthralled by its intricate design and beauty, it takes a moment before you even get a chance to see the luscious, abundant garden full of vibrant flowers to your left. Climbing up the elegant steps, you can’t help but wonder what luxuries you’ll find on the inside.

Compare how the guest felt in the first scenario versus the second. When a homescape looks withered, deteriorated and unkempt, people automatically gather a negative impression of how you take care of your home. On the other hand, a landscape that is abundant, neat and luscious sends a positive message that you truly take care of your property.

At Parker Homescape, we never want your landscape to turn guests away. Instead, we want to create for you an outdoor space that generates intrigue, admiration and enthusiasm for everyone who’s approaching your front door.


You are anxious to create an outdoor space that powerfully resonates with every guest. That being said, this does not mean that you want those furry friends roaming the neighborhood to become regular visitors!

Through our many years in the landscaping industry, we have heard too many stories about homeowners investing in their outdoor spaces, only for their masterpiece to be devoured.

When you call our team to transform your landscape, we make sure that the plants and flowers that you select will not have deer, rabbits, squirrels or other creatures lining up for the buffet.

Strategically planning your landscape design, we choose plants and flowers that have been proven to keep these animals away. With our expertise, we create for you a stunning landscape that will thrive and endure without catching the eye of your neighborhood’s wildlife.


There are countless ways to make your outdoor space a captivating wonderland. Want to use all of that open space and add a custom water feature that enthralls guests as they approach your house? Or, how about incorporating your favorite annuals and perennials in a harmonious arrangement that’s created by our expert designers? At Parker, we would be honored to reflect your landscape in the way that you’ve always imagined.

In the business since 1948, the Parker family has cultivated an extensive selection of award-winning services—giving Scotch Plains homeowners every opportunity to create the landscape that others will rave about.