Transform Your Landscape with Time on Your Side

Some of the most valued things in life are built over time. For example, families, a best-selling book, and planning a wedding are all things that demand not only a substantial amount of work, but also the necessary time to make things just right.

That’s why, when you decide to make changes with your landscape, you don’t want to call the contracting firm that just started business months ago. After all, many landscaping contractors try starting out in the industry, but end up moving on to something else. In many cases, they throw in the towel because they realized that the success that they were imagining wasn’t going to happen overnight.

At Parker Homescape, we’ve already ventured down that path—and came out stronger than ever. As a family that’s been designing and installing residential landscape and hardscapes since 1948, we are the seasoned landscape veterans that homeowners in Peapack and across New Jersey have grown to value and trust.


One of the worst-case scenarios during a landscape enhancement is having your project’s quote increased substantially. Though work has already begun, you’ve now discovered that you will have to pay much more than you initially expected.

Sadly, this is a common situation that Peapack homeowners find themselves in when they choose a team that doesn’t take the right initiative beforehand. Rocky terrain, in particular, is something that is often unaddressed until work is well underway. It is not until midway through the project that the contractor will come back and inform you that dealing with rocks and boulders is going to increase your quote significantly more than originally anticipated.

Fortunately, when you call Parker Homescape, your project will take a much different route. Before we begin work, we do everything in our power to anticipate whether rocky terrain may become an issue. From there, we rely on our many years in the business and highly trained eyes to come up with as accurate of a quote as possible.

While 100% certainty is unachievable until we actually begin work, we set ourselves apart as the landscape contractors that take every measure possible to provide you with an accurate, reliable quote.

Another preemptive measure that we offer is gathering the necessary permits and paperwork for your project. This often involves multiple trips to and from the township—and can become quite bothersome for homeowners who are not familiar with navigating through township compliances. Through this service, we put our experience to good use so that you don’t have to deal with this process.

We’ve Mastered The Art for Somerset County Landscapes

When we work on your outdoor space, we deliver not only innovation and change, but also traditional value. Simply put, our highly experienced designers know what works and what doesn’t.

Whether you wish to create a blooming, abundant garden full of natural perennials and annuals, or impress guests with a customized outdoor fireplace, our award-winning services offer something for everyone.