Create a Work of Art with Your Landscape Project

Many people are able to spend hours walking through art museums and exhibits. This is largely because no two works of art are ever exactly the same; each piece tells it’s own, unique story that viewers work to interpret.

Similar to artwork, every landscape communicates its own unique message and story. Just as a painting can be interpreted in a thousand different ways, so can your outdoor space.

And so, when you are trying to turn your landscape into your very own masterpiece, you need the team that can breathe dimension, life and inspiration into your outdoor space.

That’s when Parker Homescape steps up to the plate.


Nearly every detail within the most famous works of art was implemented intentionally. When it comes to your landscape, the Parker team covers all specificities to ensure that the final stroke of your project ends in perfection.

Have you constructed a gorgeous landscape in years past, only for it to be devoured by deer, rabbits, squirrels and other pests? These animals, which are prevalent throughout New Jersey, can create quite a challenge for homeowners that want to adorn their landscape with luscious plants, trees and flowers.

One particular frustration is what’s known as buck rub. This occurs when deer rub their antlers against trees and shrubs. Oftentimes, homeowners are horrified to discover that their expensive trees and plants are completely ruined because of the deer.

Taking into account the unique challenges that you face with your property, our professionals at Parker use their expertise to correct the situation before you invest further into your landscape. This way, you can rest assured that with every future landscape enhancement, your investment will not be wasted because of our four-legged friends.


We want to create pristine landscapes for New Vernon homeowners. Offering a wide selection of award-winning services, we create endless possibilities for your outdoor space.

Maybe your vision involves building a stunning outdoor oasis where guests can lounge around your customized patio, and then surround your outdoor fireplace as the sun goes down. Or, perhaps you wish to create a welcoming atmosphere with a paver stone driveway that connects to your customized stepping stone pathway. No matter which direction you wish to take, each of our services blend together harmoniously to create your very own dreamscape.

Before beginning your work of art, a little direction always helps. That’s why, through our services, our team can even gather the necessary permits and paperwork on your behalf. This way, you can focus on your outdoor project without unnecessary distraction.

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The Parker family has been designing residential landscape and hardscape elements since 1948. With our experience and industry roots, our team has proven itself as New Jersey’s most talented and helpful landscape contractor.