Entrust Your Landscape with the Team That Gives Their All

While the power of talent cannot be understated, it’s crucial to remember that the greatest skills rarely come naturally. Think about the most talented musicians in the world; nearly all of them will agree that they would never have reached their level of success if they did not practice each and every day.

It’s rarely luck of the draw that separates mediocre from marvelous. Instead, bridging the gap between the ordinary and the elite comes down to effort.

As a family that’s been in the landscaping business since 1948, the Parker name has become known throughout New Jersey as a team that not only has the foundation for success, but also the constant drive and motivation to sustain its accredited reputation.


Through our many years of experience in the landscaping industry, our team has developed the skillset that’s needed to evaluate a yard, and then determine the various challenges that need to be tackled.

That being said, one of the greatest obstacles that often needs to be conquered is dealing with various township compliances and gathering the mandated paperwork. For this reason, our Parker professionals can acquire the necessary permits on your behalf as one of our services.

Working throughout New Jersey, we’ve cooperated with all kinds of officials to get projects going as quickly as possible. Operating professionally during every township visit, our team possesses the proper experience and communication practices to get your project moving with ease.


Many Millington homeowners already know how they want to enhance their landscapes. Though they get to choose which landscaping firm to hire, they are still at the disposal of the contractor when it comes to how their landscape will turn out. Sadly, many landscape contractors do not take the time to fully understand their client’s wishes, leading to an incomplete job that leaves the homeowner thoroughly unsatisfied.

At Parker Homescape, our designers are valued throughout New Jersey because we go above and beyond to address any gray areas before beginning work.

Whether you wish to take visitors on a journey along a customized, paver stone driveway, or leave every passerby in awe of your luscious natural garden, we are the team that partners with you throughout the entire process. Fully accessible to answer any questions or concerns you may have, we rely on our proactive approach to give your Millington landscape the attention and care it deserves.