The Effort for Your Landscape That You Deserve

Have you ever watched a sporting event where the winner was impossible to predict because both teams were neck-and-neck with each other? You outwardly expressed doubt about who would win, and then someone you were with said, “It’s going to come down to whoever wants it more.”

This phrase has been spoken many times because it’s absolutely true. When competition is fierce, whoever has the greater desire will show the most effort, and ultimately, come out victorious. Whether this means putting in the extra time to train and practice, or doing extra research, motivation is the driving force for success.

At Parker Homescape, we are the landscaping contractors that put our best foot forward—each and every day—to operate as the top choice for homeowners across New Jersey.

If you are looking to transform your outdoor space, there is no better route to take than with the team that reaches further, trains longer and works harder for ultimate success.


When you’re ready to begin your outdoor project, it’s crucial to find a team that will take your landscape’s challenges head-on, rather than avoiding them and delivering subpar work.

Throughout Millburn, many homeowners’ landscapes are packed with boulders and rocks that create a roadblock for certain landscape enhancements. And ultimately, it takes a trained eye to anticipate when rocks beneath the ground might become an issue.

As a family that’s been in the landscaping business since 1948, the Parker name has become best known for accuracy and integrity through every aspect of its landscaping services. Often, we are even paid to consult for potential homeowners and realtors who are looking for professional insight as to the likelihood of substantial rocks or boulders.

So, when we quote you for a job, you can feel confident in the fact that your estimate is as accurate as humanly possible (without actually burrowing underground to get an up-close look).


After years of dedication and education in our field, Parker Homescape is honored to offer a wide selection of award-winning services that allow Millburn homeowners to truly perfect their landscapes.

With an in-depth consultation, our team takes full examination of your yard to create a design that will harmonize with your own unique vision. From outdoor fire features, to patio and hardscape design, our professionals cater to your preferences and budget to take your landscape in the direction that you’ve always dreamed of.

Even more, to make things as easy as possible for you, our team can handle gathering the necessary permits and paperwork, so that you do not have to deal with the hassle of township compliances.