Pick & Choose to Create Your Dreamscape

People naturally like to handpick what they want. For example, think about how much people love buffets. Unlike sitting down and ordering a single dish, everyone can decide not only what they want, but how much they want, too.

At Parker Homescape, we are your landscaping buffet. Offering an extensive variety of options and customization capabilities, Mendham homeowners can discover infinite possibilities for elevating their outdoor spaces.


Many homeowners do not realize the impact that soil type can have on a landscape. After all, dirt is dirt, right?

At Parker, we are here to tell you that the right kind of soil is crucial. This is especially important to mention, because many homes in Mendham are plagued with what’s known as clay soil.

Clay soil retains water and moisture, causing an overflow of water throughout your landscape. It becomes particularly problematic when your trees and plants quickly die when their roots cannot receive adequate oxygen.

Through our many years of experience, we have seen contractors neglect to correct clay soil before beginning an outdoor project—and as a result, the homeowner’s investment into their landscape goes to waste because everything that they planted is unable to survive.

At Parker, we firmly believe that anticipation is key. When we evaluate your landscape before beginning your project, we diligently check for clay soil. If we do, in fact, discover that clay soil is prevalent throughout your landscape, we will correct the issue before it damages your landscape’s transformation.


Before beginning your outdoor project, we want Mendham homeowners to know all the different options that are available to them.

Our award-winning services at Parker Homescape include:

  • Consultation & Design
  • Landscape Installation
  • Landscape Lighting Design
  • Patio Landscape Design
  • Custom Walkways
  • Residential Driveway Design
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Custom Water Features
  • Outdoor Fireplace Design
  • Custom Fire Pit Design
  • Hardscape Design & Installation
  • Retaining Wall Systems
  • Seating Walls

When you sit in a restaurant and eat a delicious meal, the experience will never feel perfect if the service is lousy. At Parker Homescape, we deliver not only the highest quality of work, but also exceptional customer service. At the end of the day, this is your landscape that’s being transformed. That’s why, when you trust our team to do the job, you can count on the kind of service that has made the Parker family excel in the landscaping industry since 1948.

Providing Options & Peace of Mind

We want your outdoor project to go as smoothly as possible. As part of our services, we can even handle gathering the necessary permits and working through Mendham’s township compliances. This way, your focus can remain solely on your landscape—where it belongs.