The Guidance & Service You Need to Make the Most of Your Landscape

If a car mechanic gave you a wrench and told you to fix your car, you wouldn’t have the slightest clue where to begin. Or, what if a construction worker handed you the nails and hammer and told you to build the interior walls of a new home? Chances are, you would be completely baffled.

Many homeowners believe that their landscapes are simple enough to tackle on their own. But in reality, creating a healthy, immaculate landscape that shines through each season involves a lot more work than meets the eye. Similar to a mechanic or carpenter, landscape design and installation is a skill that is acquired over time. In order to achieve the right results, it takes experience, dedication and anticipation.

As a family that’s been in the landscaping industry since 1948, the Parker name has become known throughout New Jersey as the expert provider for stunning, enduring outdoor spaces.


Unfortunately, the landscaping industry is loaded with contractors who are not rightfully invested in their projects. As a result, the job is either rushed in a hurry to be paid, or is passed along to other subcontractors who take forever to get the job done.

When you call Parker Homescape, we are committed to your project from the initial consultation to the final touch. Even when the work is performed from an outside company, we remain on site as your project progresses. For example, if you would like to boost your curb appeal with an elegant driveway, our team arrives on scene to make sure that our preferred asphalt company completes the installation job without error.

We know that you make a significant investment when you enhance your landscape. That’s why, at Parker, we provide the direction and support that Gladstone homeowners both expect and deserve. Through our services, we can even gather the required permits and work through all of Gladstone’s township compliances, so that you do not have to be bothered.


Part of being a trusted landscaping firm means knowing what to expect with each homeowner’s terrain. In Gladstone, many landscapes are made up with what’s known as clay soil. This soil retains the water and moisture in your yard, preventing adequate drainage. As a result, this overflow of water can damage the plants and trees that you have already invested in.

As part of our consultation process, Parker Homescape thoroughly evaluates your yard to determine if clay soil might pose a potential issue. From there, our team works with you to properly correct the issue and give your landscape a fair chance for sustainability, growth and beauty.