Count on New Jersey’s Most Trusted Landscape Contractor

When you’re feeling under the weather, you place your trust entirely in your doctor to make the diagnosis, and then provide correct treatment. Or, when you have a toothache, chances are that you wouldn’t feel comfortable with anyone other than a dentist taking a look at your teeth.

And so, when your landscape is looking worn, lifeless and dreary, why would you trust anyone other than New Jersey’s most reliable landscape contractor to turn things around? That’s why, since 1948, Chester homeowners have been calling the Parker family for help.


It’s not always the climate that takes a toll on Chester landscapes. Sometimes, the problem lies right with those furry friends that make their way into your yard, devouring your prized plants and flowers as a gourmet meal.

Whether your outdoor enemies are deer, squirrels, moles, chipmunks or rabbits, Parker Homescape goes the extra mile to evaluate your yard, and then recommend various plants and trees that keep these animals at bay. With our approach, you can enjoy the beauty of a lush, bountiful landscape in a peaceful manner (without putting any animals in harm’s way).

Providing the Very Best For Morris County Landscapes

At Parker Homescape, our philosophy is simple: we treat your landscape in the way that we would want someone to treat ours. With a thorough consultation, we explore the outside of your home to identify focal points, terrain, drainage, sunlight/shade exposure and much more.

From there, we work with you every step of the way to create a sustainable and enchanting outdoor space that falls right in line with your budget and personal tastes. Whether you would like to enhance your landscape, install outdoor lighting, or customize your driveway/entryway, Parker is here to provide the guidance that you need and deserve. Plus, we can make the process even easier by taking care of gathering the necessary permits for your outdoor project on your behalf.