Breathe New Life into Your Outdoor Landscape

There are certain instances when people do not forget about the past. But when it comes to your outdoor landscape, the present and future are all that matter. So, when you seek to redefine your landscape’s future, it’s important to choose a team with the kind of experience and commitment that will put your landscape on the path to success. That team, faithfully serving the Califon and Tewksbury area, is Parker Homescape.


How would you like to transform your outdoor space? Is it with customized walkways and seating walls? Or, how about a stunning landscape design and installation that will feature lavish plants and flowers? Whichever direction you choose, Parker Homescape is fully dedicated toward taking your landscape in a new, thrilling direction.

Before we begin your outdoor project, it’s important to anticipate the challenges that each area can present. In Hunterdon County, many landscapes consist of rocky terrain, which can interfere with design plans. That’s why, at Parker Homescape, our team uses our many years of experience to anticipate the problems that can arise with rocky terrain, and then develop a solution to work around them. This way, your landscape will still look as beautiful as possible, and you won’t be faced with unexpected and significant quote increases.

Get Started with Your Landscape Design Project

You want to refresh your Califon or Tewksbury landscape, but don’t quite know how? At Parker Homescape, we use our passion to make everything easier for you. This includes the option to have our team gather the required permits and township compliances so that you don’t have to deal with the frustrations of this process.