Transform Your Landscape

Wouldn’t you like to drive down your street and have a warm and inviting feeling as you approach your home? Wouldn’t it also be nice to see the inviting, lush landscape that you have always dreamed of having? With Parker Homescape’s landscaping designs, you can.


The Basking Ridge, New Jersey landscape architects at Parker Homescape can transform your yard with vibrant green grass, flowering plants and trees, patios, pathways, and lighting. Our award-winning services include the construction of landscaping designs that are tailored to your distinct taste.

Enriched with history, Basking Ridge is a town that has been beloved by homeowners for generations. But in many areas, homeowners have also had to deal with the town’s history of challenging, rocky terrain. Part of being a professional contractor means taking the initiative to expect the unexpected. Too often, we have seen other contractors significantly increase their initial quotes, or even walk away from a job entirely because they discovered substantial boulders/rocks beneath the ground.


As a family that has been in the landscaping business since 1948, the Parker name has become synonymous with dedicated, reliable service. Faithfully serving Basking Ridge, our team at Parker Homescape uses its cultivated skillset to try and anticipate everything that we cannot see. When we quote you for a job, we consider all possibilities to give you as accurate of an estimate as possible.

From initial consultation to project completion, we’re known for exceeding expectations on even the most challenging NJ landscape design projects. For example, our team can take care of gathering the necessary permits and paperwork so that you do not have to deal with the frustration of working through each township compliance.

And best of all, with our office located in Basking Ridge, we can enrich your landscape as a local company that will always remain nearby, even after your project is completed.