Protect Your Extraordinary Landscape, Naturally

A deer grazing in a field is a beautiful sight. But if you live in an area of New Jersey with a high deer population, a deer in your yard could mean trouble for your vibrant plantings and trees.

As the deer population in many areas of New Jersey continues to grow, and constant residential and commercial development causes their habitats and food sources to diminish, deer have no other choice but to browse backyards and lush landscapes for food sources.

Even when deer are able to find plenty of food in the wild, the convenience of garden vegetables, flowering bulbs and plants such as hostas, can be irresistible treats for our four-legged neighbors. And, when food supplies are scarce, especially in the late fall and winter months, hungry deer will eat just about anything that’s growing in your yard.

New Jersey Deer Control Services

At Parker Homescape, we understand the frustration and expense that results from deer feeding on your landscape investment. Our highly knowledgeable team offers complete deer control programs that are customized to your specific deer problem, and are proven effective at deterring deer from damaging your plants and “training” them to look elsewhere for food.

We proactively utilize a variety of shrubs, perennials and trees to which deer are not attracted, and we also track and make any necessary adjustments to our plant selection if we notice that New Jersey and regional deer eating habits have evolved and changed.

Of course, if you wish to use certain plantings that are not “deer resistant,” we will find innovative solutions to allow you to enjoy your selections without the local deer population enjoying them as well. Privacy screens can effectively change the path of deer, while an elevated planting bed can put enticing foliage and flowers out of reach. For extreme cases, we also offer various tips and services, such as fencing and sprays, to protect your plants, your lawn, and your entire property from these beautiful, but sometimes bothersome, creatures.

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