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Landscape Designers Can Prepare Your Landscape for Winter

As fall begins and the colder months approach, it’s important to remember that your landscaping work isn’t over yet. Your trees, patios, water features and landscape lighting still need attention, and you’ll be in good shape if you give them the care they need before it gets too cold. Your certified landscape designer can help take some pressure away when winterizing your yard seems like a worrisome endeavor.

What to Ask Your Landscape Designer about Landscaping in Winter

When it comes to protecting your landscaping in winter, you have a lot of considerations to take into account. Proper and thorough landscape maintenance helps to keep your outdoor space beautiful and safe all year long. Here are some items to discuss with a certified landscape designer as the temperature starts to drop:

How can you avoid hardscape damage from harsh weather conditions? Unfortunately, many materials are susceptible to damage by harsh weather conditions, including snow or heavy winds. Calling your certified landscape designer can help you choose a material that will be best suited for your environment. How can we make your yard safer as the sun starts to set? As the winter approaches, it gets darker much earlier and the days are much shorter. To keep things bright and to remind yourself of warmth, it is a good idea to add some landscape lighting as part of your landscaping in winter. Some nice LED lighting or low voltage lighting will not only beautify your environment, it will also make it safer. When it comes to landscaping in winter, it’s really about preparation and planning.  Connect with your local NJ landscape designer to discuss getting your outdoor living space ready for spring. This will even help you save money in the long run by avoiding the expense of repairs, replanting and hardscaping in the spring. So when it comes to preparing for landscaping in winter, get started today!

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