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3 Unexpected Perks of a Custom Outdoor Fire Pit

When it comes to landscaping, few projects are as satisfying as adding a custom outdoor fire pit to your property. There’s something about the glow and aroma of a natural wood fire that speaks to some of humankind’s deepest desires, including the needs for shelter, warmth and companionship. You may also have comforting memories of gathering around a fire with family and sharing your favorite stories and snacks — and the opportunity to pass these on to future generations makes adding a fire pit to your own backyard tantalizing in the extreme.

Benefits of Custom Outdoor Fire Pit

In addition to general enjoyment, you may be surprised by some of the additional benefits that come with adding a custom fireplace or fire pit to your patio or other outdoor room. A custom fire pit can transform your property in three exciting and enjoyable ways.

1. Master Your Domain by Going Custom

A custom-designed fire pit goes well beyond simply adding a run-of-the-mill chimenea to your backyard. When you commit to a custom installation, you get to design the fire area that works best on your property. That means you can control the flow of traffic between your house and the fire pit, and construct the perfect view for your guests to enjoy when basking in the glow of your outdoor fire.  If you hate smoke and storing firewood the convenience of a natural gas fire pit could be your best option. You also get to choose the exact look of your fire pit so it will blend seamlessly with the materials already in use in your house. Want to match an old brick foundation or blend with the native New Jersey stones? You can do that when you have complete control over your custom job. Never underestimate the rush you’ll get from wielding complete control over the look and feel of your home.

custom outdoor fire pit

2. Expand Your Entertaining Capacity

When you add a custom outdoor fire pit to your landscape, you create a whole new space to entertain guests. This can significantly boost the number of people you can comfortably entertain at the same time — especially if you plan a flow of traffic that allows guests to freely move from an indoor room to an outdoor one around the fire. On top of creating a space to entertain guests, a fire pit will provide your family relaxing nights where marshmallows can be roasted and smores can be made. You’ll also be able to enjoy dining al fresco for far longer than you could without the warmth of a fire: Cool April and October evenings are no longer off limits when you have a dynamic, beautiful source of heat to extend your outdoor entertaining season.

custom outdoor fire pit

3. Boost Your Overall Property Value

A customized patio or outdoor room complete with a romantic fireplace or fire pit does more than just improve your ability to host guests in style. It can also add significantly to your home’s resale value, which potentially puts money in your pocket as you increase your home equity. Realtors rank outdoor fire pits and fireplaces as one of the top 10 landscaping projects that boost your home’s resale value, and excellent to your bottom line. Of course, it takes a well-designed project to maximize the return on your investment, but the results are well worth the effort.

custom outdoor fire pit

Why You Should Choose a Professional for Your Custom Landscape Work

To maximize both the value of your property and your sense of enjoyment from your new outdoor fire pit, it’s crucial to work with a professional for design and installation. A professional will be able to help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your property to come up with a plan that makes the most of your views and hides unsightly areas. They’ll also design your fire pit to optimize the space you have so you can enjoy ample seating around the fire for conversation — or include space for a dining table if you prefer.

Landscaping professionals also understand the terrain of Central NJ, including common hurdles that homeowners face in dealing with the soil and building a sturdy foundation for your fire pit. Once all aspects of the design are accounted for, your designer will also help you choose the right materials and finishes for your fire pit based on your taste and what makes sense with your home’s architectural style.

Finally, choosing a landscape professional means never having to worry about the job getting done in a timely fashion. Once you approve the plan, you’ll enjoy watching the project go up efficiently and expertly, knowing that the top tools, materials and know-how are being deployed on your behalf. Constructing a truly custom, freestanding fire pit is not unlike building a house’s foundation, so it’s not a DIY job if you expect results that match your exacting standards.

The Bottom Line

Adding a custom fire pit or outdoor fireplace to your landscape will provide years of enjoyment with family and friends. When the design blends with your home and your lifestyle, you’ll find yourself making use of your outdoor space often, and you may wonder how you ever lived without it. This kind of seamless connection to your house is only available when you work with a professional for a truly custom job, but it’s worth it for the enhanced quality of life you’ll enjoy.