If you’re thinking about adding a patio to your NJ property, you want to find a landscape designer who understands the challenges that face New Jersey homeowners. The climate here can be tricky, with strong summer storms and winter ice and snow. You’ll need to choose a patio design that uses appropriate materials for the climate and blends seamlessly with your existing property.

A raised patio design in NJ can be a unique landscaping feature that extends your indoor living space or a dramatic way to create an outdoor room that you can enjoy with your family and friends during warmer months.

Raised Outdoor Kitchen

It doesn’t take a lot of height to make a raised patio stand out from an expansive lawn, as this project reveals. This raised patio is built just one step above grade, with natural fieldstone creating a rustic look for the surrounding walls. The large stone veneer is also the basis for the built-in outdoor kitchen, which houses a grill and ample storage space for barbecues.


Bluestone is used to finish all flat surfaces, including the countertops for the kitchen area and the tops of the border wall, which doubles as expansive seating for guests. Bluestone pavers also cover the entire patio surface for a cohesive look that unites the color palette of the patio with the adjacent perennial border. Bluestone plays nicely with hydrangeas, while the warmer shades of the fieldstone are reflected in the seed heads of the ornamental grasses.

Floating Raised Patio Design

A modern raised patio that features a fireplace is a viable option for a raised patio design in NJ. The small elevation above grade is enough to create the illusion that this outdoor relaxation area is floating above the ground.

Thick stone pavers laid in a traditional running bond pattern form the floor of this patio, while the modern fireplace design uses cut natural stone. The color and texture variations of the fireplace create a harmonious contrast against the smoothness of the floor.

The layout of the patio places two square coffee tables in front of the fireplace for a conversation area. The most interesting feature of the design is the deliberate cutout to incorporate the tree into the design. The combination of different materials — including cut natural stones, cast stone pavers and metal — is an ingenious way to bring disparate elements of nature together into a patio design that feels like a unique outdoor room.

Make a Grand Impression


This raised patio is grand in every way. The goal of the design was to create clear distinctions between the garden and home levels — and you don’t expect the sliding doors of the master bedroom to open out onto an expansive paver stone patio that connects the garden to the house. A natural stone retaining wall and the stone step risers almost mimic the horizontal lines of the siding on the home’s exterior. Plantings around the patio perimeter define its boundaries. Two trees flank the steps and draw the eye towards the patio. This raised patio design is perfect for an NJ home because stone walls for terracing are long-lasting and require minimal upkeep.

A Raised Pool Deck


Raised patios always work well as part of a pool design. Here, the large raised patio provides shelter from splashing and an area to sunbathe or sip a drink while still being near the water. As the patio stretches toward the house, it benefits from the shelter of a freestanding roof and stone hearth for evenings by the fire.

The patio is large enough to be a dining and lounging area, and the contrast between the natural look of the textured stone risers and smooth stone decking around the pool adds plenty of visual interest. The view is lovely in both directions, with the stones highlighting the colors of the wooded landscape in the backdrop when facing east. When looking west, guests’ eyes are drawn across the expanse of smooth gray stone and water, which blend nicely together.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscaper

Any raised patio design should be part of a cohesive landscaping plan that suits your property and address challenges specific to your home’s location. Landscaping professionals are experienced in preparing the ground for a raised patio, whether you’re using natural stone or pavers. A solid foundation is crucial for a design that suits the seasonal weather changes and extreme conditions that East Coast property owners face throughout the year.

Talented landscape architects will figure out how to deal with drainage issues, sloping properties or any other challenges that might have a detrimental impact on the future stability and look of your patio. Once these issues are well in hand, they’ll provide a one-of-a-kind design that’s perfect for your home and access to designer materials to complete the look.

Let these four examples serve as an inspiration for a raised patio design for your New Jersey home. Your patio can become the ultimate outdoor living area that brings the inviting warmth of your favorite indoor spaces outside.

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