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Have a Landscape Design Company Refresh Your Essex County NJ Backyard

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Home, they say, is where the heart is, but what is the difference between owning a house and owning a home? The main ingredient in that equation is you. A house is just four walls and a yard, but a home with a beautiful landscape is fully designed to express your vision of the life you want to live with your family. A professional landscape design company in Essex County will work with you to bring your vision to fruition for the oasis you’ve always wanted.

How A Professional Landscape Design Company Benefits Essex County Homeowners

There are many benefits of hiring a professional landscape design company, but above all, you’ll love having a cohesive design that connects your house to the land around it. Cohesiveness is the blending of visual and physical elements into a seamless unit. It is the art of pleasing the body, mind and eye.

A cohesive landscape goes beyond having a flawless lawn or even a beautiful yard. Perfect landscape design is all about you. It considers your lifestyle and how you enjoy spending your time, along with your basic wants and needs for space. Professional designers take the time to understand what you want to elevate your standard of living.

An outdoor kitchen is a good example of how cohesive design works. Many homes have outdoor grilling areas and some might even have an outdoor kitchen, but few homes have an outdoor kitchen that blurs the line between outdoor and indoor living. It’s not just laying down a few bricks and adding a Weber. It’s about creating a space that is an extension of your home’s kitchen and dining areas.

When you work with a professional landscape design company in Essex County, you also have the benefit of its deep knowledge of the local soil and ground conditions. You will receive a planting plan that will thrive in the mid-Atlantic climate. You’ll also have access to upscale materials that work well in New Jersey’s weather conditions year round. Local professional designers also understand the market and can steer you to design choices that will raise your property value along with providing years of enjoyment for your family.

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Creating Unique Landscape Designs

Some landscapers have a few designs that they use over and over. One of the reasons that Parker Homescape is a leading landscape design company in Essex County New Jersey is because we approach design from an individual aspect. Your property, your lifestyle and your home’s architecture are all unique and can be used to your advantage.

To create an outdoor living space or landscape that improves the quality of your home life, the professional design process incorporates the following:

  • Evaluating your property. A thorough site evaluation reveals its strengths and weaknesses, so your design can highlight the best views and hide any flaws. Knowing the land also ensures that excavation and building are completed on an appropriate foundation and last for years.
  • Understanding your vision. This includes the overall feel you’re looking for, your taste in materials and all of the elements you want to include, such as an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, pathways or pool.
  • Educating homeowners. You’ll be presented with a full list of options for landscape improvements as well as a rationale behind all design choices and how they work to enhance your property. You’ll also learn how to maintain your new landscape upgrade.

The end goal is for your yard to become your favorite place to vacation.

Options That “Rock” Your Landscape

A quality landscape is not just about adding rocks and shrubs. It is about creating a place that you love and the possibilities are virtually endless. A landscape design company in central New Jersey will help you turn your backyard into a living oasis with unique options such as:

  • Full outdoor kitchens and dining areas, including food preparation areas, seating and appliances
  • An outdoor wet bar for cocktail parties and convenient refreshment on warm summer days
  • Beautiful patios that offer quality seating areas, interesting views and places for you to relax
  • Pathways that blend with the landscape while defining spaces and “rooms” on your property
  • Full outdoor living rooms complete with a fireplace or fire pit, views and seating areas
  • An outdoor lounge where you can entertain or create a cozy spot for romantic dinners
  • Soothing water features or pocket gardens
  • Pool patios that provide privacy and outbuildings for storage
  • Garden steps, terraces and multiple levels for added interest
  • Structures and plants that provide shade in the heat of the summer
  • Designated play areas for your favorite sports, lawn games and activities
  • Custom combinations of one or more of these ideas for a complete landscape design

Quality landscape design doesn’t just create beauty and improve your property’s function. It also helps raise the value of your home while boosting curb appeal. Your home is no longer just another house on the block, but “the” house that sets that standard for property value in your neighborhood. You no longer have the best landscape, but the best home, when you turn to a professional landscape design company to refresh your yard and turn it into something truly remarkable.

Why Choose Parker Homescape?

We have transformed hundreds of landscapes in and around the Somerset, Hunterdon, Essex and Union County areas, including Short Hills, Warren and Basking Ridge since our founding in 2006. Unlike many of our competitors, we undertake only one client project at a time, ensuring that every deadline is met and that every detail is considered. Additionally, a lead foreman with over 30 years of experience oversees your project from start to finish. This approach makes us one of the most sought after landscape design companies in Central New Jersey, and translates into a seamless, stress-free experience for you and your family.

Whether creating an outdoor living space, installing custom landscape lighting or building a custom outdoor fireplace, we believe that each landscape project is unique. We proudly promise customized solutions, superior customer service and competitive pricing for each of our clients.

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