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The Best Landscape Contractors and Designers in Short Hills Do These 3 Things

When you’re planning to overhaul your landscape design to upgrade your Short Hills home, choosing the right landscape contractors and designers is a crucial first step to making sure you get the results you want. The latest trends in landscaping call for full outdoor rooms with chef-worthy kitchens, freestanding fireplaces and excellent lighting — and that’s just for starters. You’ll also want to make sure your garden paths and overall planting plan create a harmonious look from every vista to draw guests into the full experience of your hospitality.

This is not a job to attempt on your own. There’s a big difference between adding a few potted plants and a chimenea and creating a stunning professional landscape for your home.

So, when you’ve done your research and have a stack of photos of incredible design ideas ready to share, what’s next? Hiring the right landscape contractors and designers is crucial. To know you’re getting the most for your money and can expect the best possible experience, here’s your list of must-haves when choosing a landscape designer for your project.

1. Comprehensive Service

Some landscapers in Short Hills are specialists who excel in a specific aspect of landscape design. They might be excellent masons, or they may love working with plants to create beautiful gardens. These are important skills, and it can take years to hone them.

To get the best overall landscape design, however, it’s best to work with a company that offers a full suite of landscaping and design services. When you’re redoing your property, you’ll need a combination of hardscaping, carpentry, planting, lawn installation, lighting design and more. Because all of these elements need to work together as a cohesive whole in the finished product, it’s much more practical to look for a comprehensive landscape design service in the Short Hills area that can manage all of the work. This will prevent delays and miscommunications that can happen with subcontractors, and you’ll have better peace of mind knowing that you only have one call to make to get your landscape done right. Choosing an all-in-one landscaping company can also help your project get done faster since there’s no middleman to deal with.

2. Upfront Pricing

Your landscape is a major investment that can pay huge dividends when it comes to the overall value of your home. Hiring a professional is well worth the cost, but that doesn’t mean you should simply open up your wallet and shell out endless cash to fund your project.

On the contrary, one of the hallmarks of working with a truly outstanding landscaper is detailed, upfront pricing. It’s always a good idea to get a few estimates for your project, but you need to look beyond the price during the estimate process. Look for a company that is honest about the full cost of a project. The more specific the estimate, the better, so look for detailed breakdowns on each portion of the bid. You should also get a sense of how long the project will take and the steps involved so you know what to expect. For large projects, it’s crucial to limit surprises in pricing after the project begins. What looks more expensive initially could turn out to be a better deal in the long run, because all pricing and conditions have been accounted for in the estimate. Beware of a rock-bottom estimate: They’re notorious for add-ons once the project is underway and you don’t have much of a choice.

3. Individualized Designs

Your home is probably the biggest personal statement you can make, and your landscape should be appropriately unique. Great design is a balance between blending with neighborhood norms and existing architecture while allowing you to fully express your own style.

To get the perfect look for your property, be sure to choose a landscape designer with a portfolio of work that shows creativity and a range of styles. Less accomplished landscapers tend to stick to the same materials and design themes regardless of the property, and it’s easy to spot overuse of these basics as you flip through photos and references. Your designer should be working to understand your tastes, not imposing his own ideas onto your backyard. In addition to looking for varied portfolio pieces, notice how you feel when discussing your ideas. If the designer doesn’t seem to be taking your thoughts into consideration or is giving you a hard sell on a certain material, it’s a sign that you might not be a good fit together. Proper landscape design requires one-of-a-kind solutions for each property to make the most of great views, hide bad ones and deal with all the things that make your home unique.

These three things should be top of mind when you interview landscape contractors and designers to work on your property. When you find a company that offers comprehensive service, honest pricing upfront and customized designs for your property, you’ll know you’re working with a true professional. That relationship can be highly rewarding, and you’re likely to get exactly the look you’ve been dreaming of. It can take time to find the right landscaper to work with, but don’t settle for less than you — and your home — deserve.

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