Take A Vacation Through Your New, Upgraded Landscape

Many times, people go on vacation because they want to see new and exciting places.

But here at Parker Homescape, we believe that homeowners shouldn’t have to venture further than their front door to find a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere.

That’s why, through our landscape transformation services, we want to give you the chance to take a vacation—right in your backyard!


Part of being on vacation means not having to deal with the usual aggravations of everyday life. At Parker, we always anticipate the unexpected so that you can cherish your outdoor oasis without disruption.

Many homeowners in Neshanic Station have to deal with rocky terrain. Unfortunately, many contractors do not properly anticipate that boulders and rocks below ground might create complications during their work. As a result, they will either significantly increase their initial quote, or even abandon the job completely.

As a family that’s been in the landscaping industry since 1948, the Parker name has been appreciated throughout New Jersey as the team that truly cares about your budget and concerns regarding expenses. That’s why, before beginning every project, we make an immense effort to determine whether your home’s rocky terrain is likely to interfere with landscaping work. This way, we can provide as accurate of a quote as possible, which will include remedying any problems that we expect to come across. With our expertise, we do everything in our ability to anticipate the unknown so that you will not find yourself frustrated and surprised with a substantial quote increase.

Our team is fully committed to delivering your vacation escape as smoothly as possible. That’s why, through our services, our team can even work through all township compliances and gather the mandated permits on your behalf.