Finding The Right Solution Through Every Season

New Jersey is a state of constant change. Experiencing the heart of all four seasons, the quick change in climate and plant life can create quite a challenge for Gillette homeowners who are trying to keep up with their landscapes. Just when you’ve put the finishing touch on your summer landscape, the air is already beginning to turn crisp with the approach of fall. Feeling defeated, you long for a landscape that thrives the entire year and never misses a beat.

At Parker Homescape, we can really help you turn things around with your yard.

With our installation and maintenance services, our team not only sets up your landscape for success, but also nurtures it and keeps it going strong through reliable seasonal upkeep.


Though the different seasons are an obstacle to overcome, they are not the only force that stands in your way of creating the perfect Gillette landscape. Deer, squirrels, rabbits and other animals invade your yard and show no regard for your plants, flowers, and fruits and vegetables. Though they may be nice to look at, they sure know how to take a pristine landscape and turn it into their very own five-star restaurant.

Even more, your plants and trees can face permanent damage through something called buck rub. During late summer and early fall, male deer will rub their antlers onto trees and/or shrubs. Though this territorial behavior happens during a particular time of year, the damage to your plants and trees will be long lasting.

In the landscaping industry since 1948, the Parker family has spent generations learning the different kinds of plants and trees that keep deer and other bothersome creatures away. This is important not only for the sake of your yard, but also the safety of children and pets that are more likely to expose themselves to deer ticks outside.

Just as there are many different reasons as to why you want to keep the animals away, there are several possibilities and routes to take and protect your landscape. Working with your preferences and your budget, we guide you toward the most effective solution.

One Landscape, Countless Possibilities for Morris County

Each landscape tells its own special story. In the business for many years, our team at Parker Homescape can attest to the fact that no two landscapes are ever exactly the same. From outdoor lighting solutions, to landscape design and consultation, our vast array of award-winning services can be combined and arranged to develop a foolproof formula for the landscape of your dreams. To make the process go even smoother, our team can work through township compliances and gather the necessary permits on your behalf.