Place Your NJ Landscape in the Right Hand

Sometimes, the end result is not all that matters. Have you ever complimented a friend’s landscape or new outdoor living space, only for them to tell you that the process took an eternity to complete?

Even when you don’t know all of the details behind their story, there is one thing you can be sure of: your friend did not call Parker Homescape.


At Parker Homescape, we firmly believe that bringing landscapes and outdoor spaces to life should be an enjoyable experience for homeowners. Seeing the changes slowly unravel is a transformation that makes our work all the more worthwhile, as we see Cranford homeowners showing enthusiasm for their projects.
As a one-stop solution, you can rest assured that when you trust our team, we keep your project going in a smooth, cohesive fashion. We will never pass your project off to negligent subcontractors who lack investment in your home enhancement. Through our services, we can even take care of gathering the required permits and covering all township compliances so that you won’t have to be bothered.

We have grown weary of seeing other contractors take on a job half-heartedly and operate with the sole priority of being paid at the end of the day. As a family that’s been in the landscaping business since 1948, we’re proud to have associated the Parker name as a team that differs from the rest.

From landscape design, to outdoor lighting solutions and driveways, Parker Homescape is a full-service landscaping firm that provides a vast portfolio of award-winning services. Whether you wish to enhance your curb appeal in the front of your home, or enrich your yard with a custom water feature out back, Parker is the team that delivers the best work through unmatched customer service.

Customized Solutions for Common Problems in Union County

One setback that aggravates many Cranford homeowners regarding their landscapes is the prevalence of clay soil. When your yard is filled with this kind of soil, it retains water and moisture, and it does not allow water to properly drain. As a result, you are left with wet patches on your landscape bed and lawn, potentially killing your plants and interfering with your landscape’s overall functionality.

At Parker, we have seen many other contractors neglect to take clay soil into proper account. As a result, the homeowner has made a significant investment into his or her outdoor space, but is still plagued with the damaging effects of clay soil. With our services, our team thoroughly evaluates your property to determine if clay soil is a factor that needs to be considered before work begins.