Redefine Luxurious with Your Home’s Landscape

Your landscape is something that represents not only who you are, but also who you are proud to be. With a tasteful, sophisticated yard, you communicate to neighbors and guests that your story is one that’s worth telling. The only difference between the most gorgeous of landscapes and your own is that other homeowners called New Jersey’s most talented and trusted landscape firm, Parker Homescape.


Through every realm of our services, the Parker team goes above and beyond to take your yard to its fullest potential, while catering to your personal tastes and preferences.

Would you like to adorn your landscape with luscious and vibrant flowers? Or, how about transform your driveway into an exquisite entryway that leaves visitors inspired? No matter which direction you want to take, our professionals at Parker Homescape can take your yard to new, unexplored heights.


A common obstacle that Bernardsville homeowners face is clay soil. When this type of soil taints your yard, it retains water and moisture, which, in turn, creates wet areas throughout your property where the water pools. As a result, this soil can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects. It can also significantly damage the plants and trees that you are trying to grow. As part of our consultation process, our team thoroughly evaluates your yard and, if need be, will properly remedy your clay-based soil before it becomes problematic.

Landscape Design Consulting Services in Bernardsville, NJ

The Parker family’s one of a kind services have been valued throughout the landscaping industry since 1948. For each and every project, we provide the very best service, because it’s what we truly believe that homeowners deserve. As part of our services, we can even gather the necessary permits and paperwork so that you don’t have to be bothered.